How to determine a longer service life of a coating system?

Longer service life means reduction of costs and environmental impact

We assisted several of our clients in achieving a longer service life of the existing coating system. As a consequence of this less energy and materials were used for surface preparation and the coating application. In all cases without losing functionality or Integrity/safety of the structure. Moreover, if approached as it should be done, cost and environmental impact is reduced, even aesthetic issues can be respected.

For this Bjond developed a unique expert based methodology for inspecting, investigating and monitoring coating systems. Summarised, our approach comprises of the following 5 steps:
  1. Visual inspection, field microscope, non destructive testing and sample taking
  2. Destructive field investigation such as adhesion and hardness measurements
  3. Advanced testing e.g. electrochemical testing or porosity tests
  4. Laboratory tests such as elektron / optical microscopy, Tg-measurements, FTIR, DTMA, nano-indentation etc.
  5. Evaluation, reporting inclusive recommendations and guidance for monitoring plans
This approach is based on high end expertise and more than 30 years of experience. We have appealing references on steel and concrete structures in infrastructure and industry. If want to know how we can help you, contact us or email:
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